Over $57,840,000 in homes bought + sold in 2022!

Over $57,840,000 in homes bought + sold in 2022!

These past few months the term “seller’s market” has been thrown around quite a bit but what does that even mean? In this blog post, we’ll talk about what a seller’s market is and how it affects the current real estate market.

What is a seller’s market?

A seller’s market simply means there’s more demand for homes than there is supply. In a seller’s market properties will cost more due to the limited supply.

What does it mean for a seller?

This is a perfect time to sell but make sure you have a plan. Decide if now is right for you and your family based on you and your family’s schedule and your financial situation.

If you don’t have the time or resources to get your house market-ready, an alternative to the traditional sales process is to sell your home to cash buyers like us.

With the growing demand for houses, selling off-market allows you to get a fair cash offer and can sell your home as-is and sell on your timeline.

What does it mean for a buyer?

As a buyer, you need to be ready for some tough competition and prepared to be out-bid from time to time. Be aggressive but stay within your financial means and make sure you’re flexible with your next living situation.

How does selling off-market fit in?

Selling your home off-market means that instead of a traditional listing with a real estate agent, you sell your home directly to a buyer. Most off-market buyers will offer you a fair cash offer – which can give you a little peace of mind since you don’t need to worry about a potential buyer backing out of the deal. The other benefits of selling your home off-market are: you can sell your home as-is, there are no commission or fees, you don’t have all of the time-consuming paperwork, and since they buy with cash, you’ll be able to close on your timeline and sometimes within as few as seven days.

No Fuss. No Fees. Fair Cash Offer.